#ElectionLive with Frankie Greek

I was given the opportunity to partner with Bizly to throw an event on election night this year. Basically, they gave me a space and told me throw a party or host a live stream. I'm a crazy person, so I did both

We produced a one hour live stream with 15 of my closest friends who happen to also be insanely talented. Our goal was to break up people's Facebook feeds with a Facebook Live event that spread positivity on election night. We did that. We threw an awesome party afterwards. For a very short time, we lived in the glow of what we created. 

After that, Donald Trump became the president elect of the United States of America. That changed a lot of things for a lot of people. A lot of people I care about and call family no longer feel safe in this country. Whatever I do next, I want to directly combat that. I'm at a loss but I'm open to ideas. 

It would be a shame however, if I didn't take a moment to celebrate what we accomplished Tuesday night and all the people involved. I won't let that be taken away from me.

Thank you to Michael Pizza, who did all the sound engineering and came in at the last minute and without whom this event wouldn't have happened.. Thank you Jena Prats for letting me freak out in your kitchen and for making me cookies even if you flipped them in the middle. Thank you to Erin Weaver for rolling with the punches and agreeing to be on camera 45 minutes before we went live and for compiling your favorite comments. Thank you Elle Radan for taking a red eye back from Los Angeles to be there and for setting up a Photo Booth on your own in 10 minutes. Thank you Nik Aliye for all the branding, for talking me off several ledges and for believing in this idea since it's inception and for getting to the bottom of Hillary's emails. Thank you John Richter for arguing with people so I got the right mics for cheap. Thank you Max Anderson Goldstein for live tweeting with no instruction whatsoever. Thank you Gregory Littley, Garrett Green, Tinkerbelle the Dog, Sam Carell, Emilee Lindner, Jack Coyne, Blake Aburn and Tyler Lauletta for saying yes. Thank you Sage English for the photos. Thank you to Gabie, Wink PR, Bizly and the Time Hotel for the space, drinks and food. Thank you Ample Hills Creamery for the ice cream. 

Thank you for watching, for commenting, for helping to promote this project and for all your love and support. I don't take it for granted for a second. 

This isn't over, I'm not giving up. See you soon on all your screens.